Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Wormholes and Low-Sec

EVE Online News from EN24’s podcast releases their third episode. The podcast begins with a look at the headlines and market report. Then EN24 writers examine the top stories in the "newsroom", and caps it all off with an interview with Kira Tsukimoto from Brave Newbies on the occasion of their two-year anniversary.

Guest: Amymuffmuff of Lead Editor for EN24

EN24 podcast features a brief market report by "Prosper Market" relating EVE economic highlights for the week. Catch the full broadcast "EVE-Prosper" live every Friday at 03:00 EVE time on twitch - hlibindustry channel. Past broadcasts can also be found there, or on youtube, at the EVE-Prosper channel.

EVENEWS24 Podcast, episode 3

00:00Welcome to Episode #3 "Connecting"
00:20Headlines - Announcements, News and Politics
01:00CCP In development: [video]
04:15Market Report  - from "Prosper-Market Show" with Lockefox
06:45Newsroom - with EN24 Writers
07:15Introductions - Matterall,Tiberius and guest Amymuffmuff, EN24 Editor
08:10Wormholes- come into their own
09:00Wormholes have expanded reach, more frequent
11:30Huge fights in wormholes - NoHo vs Arctic LIGHT “not lite”
12:20Carriers are supers of wormholes
13:00"I did 27 cycles of triage and then got doomsdayed"
13:45Wormhole evictions, hundreds of billions
15:45Jovians or a new threat, "Drifters"
18:20New space = new enemy
19:00Battleship energy weapon - "spear of light"
20:00Imperial lore, then wormhole lore
22:30DUST and EVE link
23:00Intro video for DUST 514 [video]
24:00CCP original concept
25:30Tiberius is a DUST alt, played DUST first
26:30Faction Warfare link
29:00Lowsec - is it dead?
30:50Capital building in low sec still viable
31:30Capital killed this year, numbers way up
32:00Arton, Domain Region - deadly system
32:30Phoebe effects felt
33:00Interview - with Kira Tsukimoto, Brave Collective Diplomat
34:00What is Brave, history
35:25Brave culture, "Stay Classy"
36:10Brave turns 2 - celebrations
37:00"Brave Games"
40:00Tour of former Brave home systems
41:00New recruits after "This is EVE" trailer [video]
42:30Training grounds
44:00Veteran players
44:30“Fuck! Sorry for swearing, Shit! OMG!”
46:30"Tyranny of killboard", no pressure
47:00Brave Wars as HERO collective
49:30How did you join EVE?
52:00EVE Down Under
53:00Stepping up
54:00Becoming a useful part of the game
54:20"shiney, shiney, shiney and squealing"
53:30“See you next time” - This is EVE (remastered)

Sunday, February 1, 2015

CSM Winter Summit Review

EVE Online News from EN24’s podcast returns with all new information on current events. The podcast was reformatted with a news brief up front, followed by the market report. Then EN24 writers, Matterall, Tiberius, and Phantra examine the top stories and this weeks interview is Ashterothi, host of Hydrostatic podcast and newly announced CSM candidate.

Guest: Phantra of Pandemic Legion, Writer for EN24

EVENEWS24 Podcast, episode 2

00:00:00 Welcome to Episode 2 “Connecting”
00:20:00 News-brief: Announcements, News and Politics
02:00:00 Market Report from “Prosper-Market Show” with Lockefox
04:30:00 Round table with EN24 Writers: Tiberius, Phantra, Matterall
04:45:00 Intro: Phantra
05:20:00 Anniversary of Battle of B-R5RB [link to CCP video]
08:45:00 Analysis of Battle
09:20:00 Sov drop, accident?
09:45:00 What’s it like in a battle that size
11:30:00 Titanomachy, a definition, almost
13:00:00 The feeling of doom before the fight
13:50:00 Will it ever happen again?
14:50:00 Lessons
15:15:00 Ship skins
16:20:00 “Time to penis”
17:00:00 Ship skins on Serenity?
18:30:00 Hyperdunking, legal
20:20:00 CSM Winter Summit
21:20:00 Nerfs: Tengus, Rails, Drones
22:00:00 CCP on capitals
22:15:00 Removing fleet warp
23:00:00 NPC AI (Tale System) & Missions
25:30:00 CCP bringing core features back into game
26:20:00 “Sorry Dotlan”
26:30:00 EVE Voice
27:20:00 EVElopedia in trouble [link to Volunteer]
29:15:00 Tiberius powers down
29:30:00 Volunteering
30:00:00 Corporations and Societies
34:00:00 New players falling into wormholes
34:10:00 Sansha in wormholes
34:45:00 Unified UI, the future?
35:50:00 Sleeper Battleships?
37:00:00 Wrap up: “make me sound like a teenage girl?”
37:10:00 Interview with Ashterothi, Hydrostatic Podcast
37:30:00 Motivation to podcast
41:20:00 W1LL corp: pursuit of excellence
44:50:00 Occult significance
46:00:00 Fear of death
49:20:00 Illuminati
49:30:00 Running for CSM
50:50:00 What’s the worst that can happen?
51:00:00 Interviewing CCP Seagull [link to Hydrostatic Podcast Interview]
52:40:00 Seagull stuck around after interview
53:30:00 End podcast, see you next time

Proteus Expansion Review

EVE Online News from EN24: In this episode we cover the newly released Proteus Expansion and some the features contained therein.  We cover ISBoxer, removal of Teams and, of course, the war and politics within EVE Online's outlaw empires.

Guest: Solon101 of Nexe Corporation, NC.

EVENEWS24 Podcast, episode 1

0:00:00 Introducing the very new and polished EVE News Podcast
2:00:00 “Connecting” – Announcements, News and Politics
  • Introductions – Tiberius Stargazer, Solon101, Matterall
  • Hot-dropping Providence region, “you just don’t know”
  • How to get news, Skype & ingame channels
  • from the news and analysis desk
9:00:00 Proteus Expansion
9:30:00 Recons – a review
14:30:00 Localization – German and Russian
15:00:00 Starmap improvements, Dotlan style information (future)
17:45:00 Fighter Drones – scan resolution nerf
19:20:00 Teams are gone
21:20:00 Module tiercide and game lore loss
23:40:00 Isboxer debate
27:00:00 Efficiency addicts (rant)
28:40:00 Quick Review from the politics & history desk
29:20:00 Brand Newbies leadership drama
31:45:00 CFC deployed to Immensea
33:40:00 PL on contract again by XXDEATHXX against SOLARFLEET
35:20:00 NCDOT waiting
36:00:00 “The legend of the sun”
36:30:00 Market Report from “Prosper-Market Show” with Lockefox
39:30:00 Interview with EN24 Editor-in-Chief, Bobmon
39:40:00 Intro and start with EN24
41:40:00 Makalu and the big war (AAA) “Makalu Cries” – by Sindel Pellion
42:30:00 Relationship with Riverini
43:00:00 Behind the scenes at EN24 – money maker?
44:10:00 The Titan Smash controversy – EN24 involvement
48:15:00 Running for CSM – fair as editor-in-cheif of EN24?
49:30:00 Who are you in RL?
50:20:00 Are you a rich kid with a newsroom hobby?
50:40:00 Is EVE News biased?
51:30:00 Censoring Gevlon Goblin – Crossing Zebra’s/CSM member Xander pokes Bobmon
53:00:00 See you next time