Monday, March 16, 2015

Fanfest and New Sov

EVE Online News from EN24’s podcast releases their fourth podcast. EN24 writers examine the Sovereignty Changes, in this special edition hour long discussion.
  • Writer: Tiberius Stargazer from Nerd Panic Corporation, Brave Collective, Hero Coalition
  • Writer/Editor: Mail Lite - Higher Than Everest Corp, Black Legion
  • CEO/Editor-in-chief: Bobmon - Habitual Euthanasia Corp, Pandemic Legion
  • Writer/Editor: Matterall - Destructive Influence, NC., N3 Coalition

EVENEWS24 Podcast, ep 4: Newsroom Edition

0:00Newsroom Edition
1:20Introductions - Tiberius going to Fan Fest, awaiting Brave Newbie Council campaign results
3:00Mail Lite - "Daddy" interrupted
3:20Bobmon - Going to FanFest, awaiting CSM campaign results
4:00Mail Lite - On a low-sec holiday
5:10Honorable Pirates
7:10Rixx Javix, example of good pirate
7:35New idea for a corp
8:00Matterall - Joined DICE, the good side of top tier corps
8:40Lady Scarlet
9:05New Sov Mechanics
10:15Goals of Sov Changes - Tiberius
10:45   1. Fights are fun
11:05   2. Clear up the process, understanding
11:35   3. Eliminate Blobbing
12:05   4. Reduce effort to take empty space
12:50   5. Occupancy leads to defensive bonuses
13:30   6. Spread fights out
12:40   7. System should be adaptable
15:00Revenant event - server load issues
15:30Stoned players in warp tunnels
15:45Servers can't keep up with population growth
16:30Mechanics - Matterall
16:45   No more shooting structures
17:00   Independent structures
17:05   Prime time
17:20   Capture events
18:10   Freeport Stations
18:40The comedy of Freeports
19:20   Small gangs targeting Freeports
20:15   Occupancy Defenses
21:10Entosis Link
21:30Putting it all together - Mail Lite
21:40Walk-through typical Sov event
23:00Updates since announcemnts - Matterall
23:30CCP Fozzie on "EVE Down Under Interview"
23:40 CCP Fozzie "Dev post on EVE forums"
23:50   Military control is key
24:15   Ship docrine variety
25:25   Entosis links should be simple and understandable
24:40Overall Goals - lower barriers of entry
26:00Discussion on Community Reaction
27:30Harassment system
28:45Sov Mindset changes - smaller empires?
31:30Attackers and Defenders. advantages
32:00New Structures. fortifications?
33:45Defender Burnout
35:00Downtime as a strategy
35:40Primetime window
37:40Alliances won't attack anymore
38:40Without economic incentives, wars stopped
39:00The big wars of old
40:00Discussion of Sov Value
41:50Owning is it's own reward
42:30Supercapital and big production
43:20Discussion on Supercapitals
44:45The real problem with supers today
48:45Capitals not risked = null-sec is stuck
49:00Supers as true fleet carriers
51:30Discussion on "No Local"
53:00Wormhole vs Null-sec play style
54:00Structures as intelligence devices
55:50Discussion on "No Fleet Warp"
58:00Reform on leader command
58:30Going to FanFest - Bobmon and Tiberius
59:30Tiberius - First FanFest
1:01:00Special FanFest Beer
1:01:50Pub Crawl flags no more
1:02:50Star Trek Story
1:03:00Matterall is not the famous movie star, Henry Cavill
1:03:30Star Trek vs EVE parties (A Tale of Two Parties)
1:04:00Meeting EVE players
1:04:20"How many PL shirts have you got Bob?"
1:04:50600 Billion Heist story hits RL press [link to article]
1:06:00EN24 broke the story
1:06:3050,000 hits and sourced by other sites
1:08:30Good sources: Non Erata and Ladygrey
1:09:45Thanks and sign-off
1:10:30Rhea Expansion Theme