Sunday, September 27, 2015

EOC.TV on Streaming and Sexism

EVENEWS24 podcast where we talk about the top stories in EVE Online.

EN24’s podcast releases another episode. We talk with founder of EVE Online Community Television (EOC TV), the brand new video and streaming website. After an introduction tot he project we get into the nature of sharing videos, streaming stardom and probe for the core of EVE's infamous anti-female vibe.  Site is active (launched 9/23/2015)

James, Founder of EOC TV
Tiberius Stargazer - Destructive Influence [DICE], Northern Coalition. [NC.]
Matterall – Signal Cartel and Destructive Influence [DICE], Northern Coalition. [NC.]


  1. I have watched EOCtv in its early marketing stages as its community started to gather momentum on twitter, Its a fantastic idea - and a place I will visit a lot. I already subscribe to many players you tube channels and listen to as many podcasts as I can which enhances EVE for me and is a huge part of the entire gaming experience. For example: I am where I am ingame now due to propaganda videos and such, and that lure of proudly wanting to represent an Alliance.

    On the sexism part.. My only comments really are.. I am a woman who plays eve along side my husband. The game for me is obviously very different to those others as I don't stream, desire to be a leader or CEO, or use my gender assigned assets to further my gaming advantage. I just play the game and totally have fun - which is what it is all about. Its just one hobby among many others.

    Good luck with the website, I will be sure to drop by often.

  2. Seems to me that before we can even classify anything with an "-ism" we need to first come to a common ground re: what the given -ism means. For example, some folks now believe that the statement "I don't like Mexican food" is racism...they are of course off their rocker. The same goes for sexism...s statement like "Women shouldn't be Navy SEALs" is considered sexist when in fact, it may or it may not be - one needs to clarify the context before deciding. None of this should be hard because many -isms have traditionally been correctly defined as dealing with what a person is (black, white, Chinese, Canadian, Jewish, male, female, old, young, etc...etc...etc) rather than what they do (practice Muslim law - i.e. Sharia Law; Jewish customs, Catholic customs, etc). But, thanks to the wide proliferation of social media providing literally everyone and their brother (figuratively) an equal voice, the -isms have become bastardized and corrupted far outside their proper and traditional meanings - all for the worse...

    All that said - is Eve sexist??? Hardly - IT'S A GAME...and much like any fictional story, novel, film, etc - it isn't sexist, racist, etc...given its (and their) metaphorical function within life itself, they by very definition cannot be racist nor sexist. Folks - just go and play the game and have fun...or don't...but stop contemplating it's navel...