Wednesday, October 7, 2015

EN24 Podcast, ep.25 – Capital Ships

EVENEWS24 podcast where we talk about the top stories in EVE Online.

EN24’s podcast releases another episode. In this episode we review the history, symbolism and future of Capital ships: Titans and Super Carriers (formerly known as Mother ships). We also catch up with Iron Armada after their evacuation from null-sec, and the departure of two corporations from NCdot to form their own alliance.

CCP Quant publishes Supers kill death frequency:

We also produced a new opening. Enjoy!

Tridgit - CEO and leader of Iron Armada
Dracos Rhaghar – IG.Academy, Iron Armada
Solon101 - Destructive Influence [DICE], Northern Coalition. [NC.]
Matterall – Signal Cartel and Destructive Influence [DICE], Northern Coalition. [NC.]

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